Still working on it

...but we are building something totally awsome for you. Revisit us at any time or in spring 2016 to get more info.

Frank & Marco


10/07/2015 - Development Kickoff

After a long phase of planning and evaluation, we started the development of the backend & APIs. We choose the Play! Framework with Akka on Netty as the backend technology stack, because it's fast and handy. On the language level we use Scala, because it plays best with the chosen components, it's functional and suitable for our needs. There is not much more to tell by now, but we will keep you on track...

09/08/2015 - Abstract Submission

Recently, we have submitted our idea to the school officials and already got feedback... They like the idea and we only have some tiny things to optimize in the abstract. Looks like we'll be ready to start coding shorty. BTW: The project has now also its own Twitter account: @tw1tterist. Follow us to keep updated (if you want).

09/02/2015 - Project Idea and Preparation

Everything has begun with an idea. An idea for the so called "VDA" diploma assessment project at the HF Uster in Switzerland where we (Marco & Frank) are studying. Today, we have concretized our idea and are working on the specification draft to submit it for review. We will probably have a dicision from school in the end of September. If the specification is accepted, we can start coding and give you some more insights.

Also, we reserved the domain which is the official project homepage. We use this page to keep everyone on track and report about our progress. For the coding geeks: Once we started over, you will find some Scala and Java spice on

But hey, for now it's just an idea... Stay tuned.

Final Notes


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